- Robert Van Winkle.

Teamwork is hard. Other people are difficult to work with. They have their own ideas on how to do things, and they often don't get what you're trying to do. Even worse, some people aren't even doing the same things as you are! Luckily, the internet made it easier to only talk to people who think like you do, who know the same things, do the same things, maybe even want the same things as you do!

Of course, this means you'll live much of your life in an echo chamber, hearing nothing but the same things you say yourself, experiencing nothing that is very different from what you already know. Comfort zones. Complacency. And at some point, you start to wonder why nobody is thinking anything new, taking any chances. Things become stale and repetitive. Maybe you like that. Maybe you don't.

Maybe you want to get out of that bubble for a little while. This is where Creative Crossover comes in. Our goal is to build bridges between vastly different creative communities online, to see what people can create when they hang around people that are not like them. Painters and writers. Programmers and photographers. Architects and musicians. We do that by challenging people to make little creative things with someone in a different field, to see what creative minds can think off when they meet something truly new to them.

This is just a placeholder for the planned website / project that is Creative Crossover.
Until something more concrete can be set up, I got one of those bland but free forums, just to discuss ideas.

More coming soon....